Twas The Night Before Le Mans

Photo: Travel Destinations 

By: Kobe Lambeth

1 ‘Twas the night before Le Mans, when all thro’ the paddock,

2 Not an engine was running, not even a Hybrid;

3 The cars sat on the grid in such a beautiful place,

4 In hopes that the green flag would wave and start the historic race;

5 The crews and drivers sound asleep in their beds,

6 As they dreamed of standing on the top step of the podium in their heads;

7 And the teams get ready and the fans prepare,

8 It is time to settle in for a 24 hour sprint race;

9 My alarm clock buzzed and I left my bed in a blur,

10 The world’s greatest race was about to begin at Circuit de la Sarthe.

11 Prototypes at the front and GT’s at the rear,

12 Gives any fan a reason to cheer;

13 The pre-race grid filled with joy,

14 This day is truly better than any childhood toy;

15 All the stars from the FIA WEC, ELMS, Asian LMS, and IMSA came to play,

16 Each individual hoping Le Mans will treat them to a memorable day;

17 Months of preparation and meetings to attend,

18 The teams and fans are anxious for the festivities to begin;

19 Early on a special morning in the gorgeous country of France,

20 All of the drivers beg for Le Mans to give them a chance.

21 The cars are on the grid as everyone is so chill,

22 Sportscar racing fans all over the world are so thrilled;

23 Everyone sits and waits patiently for the command,

24 Drivers in their cars and fans rise from their seats;

25 The command has been said so let’s go racing,

26 LMP1’s the fastest class in the land;

27 All of the factory teams have masterful plans,

28 Toyota and Porsche are set for a fierce battle;

29 Hold your belts tight as it time to rattle,

30 Don’t count out the little ByKolles car.

31 LMP2 a class full of new rules,

32 The winner of this class must make the best of their tools;

33 From Oreca, to Onroak, Dallara, and Riley,

34 All the constructors ready for battle on the world stage;

35 Strong Gibson motor leading the fight,

36 The racing throughout the class should be very tight;

37 GTE with divisions of professional and amateur,

38 All looking to become victorious in diverse pieces of machinery;

39 Aston Martin, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, and Porsche make up the field,

40 That’s definitely a pretty good deal.

41 The cars have rolled off the grid as the parade lap is underway,

42 The field of 60 are prepared for the grueling challenge;

43 Down the frontstretch they go as the diverse cars fly under the Dunlop bridge,

44 On the way to Tertre Rouge, the danger is real;

45 Over 200 mph down the fast Mulsanne Straight with traffic everywhere,

46 Only braking at the chicanes keep us mentally sane;

47 Prototypes in both categories traveling at their fastest pace,

48 Don’t overdue it as it is a 24 hour race;

49 As they make their way into Indianapolis,

50 We think about the Brickyard, but this is a totally different animal.

51 Headed through Arnage at a high of speed,

52 Oh please, don’t tell me the Porsche Curves are next;

53 Cars roaring through the most treacherous part of the track,

54 How many pairs of underwear should’ve been packed;

55 Time to double up with a 60 car field,

56 Everyone at Circuit de la Sarthe can feel the tension build;

57 Approaching the Ford Chicane and nerves out the window,

58 Let’s get this show on the road for 24 hours of spectacular racing;

59 The green flag is waving and it is time to say goodbye,

60 Happy 24 Hours of Le Mans race day to all, and to all a good night.







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