VIDEO: Freelancing Opportunity

Photo: Jim Sands

By: Kobe Lambeth

I discuss my plans for Fall 2017 and beyond as I continue to work towards my goal of becoming a motorsports journalist.


Freelancing Opportunity

Photo: Jim Sands

By: Kobe Lambeth

My senior year of high school was definitely a year to remember. I finally made it after so many years of school from kindergarten in Mrs. Dishmon’s class at Wentworth Elementary as a shy little boy to a grown 18 year old man ready to see what life has to offer after walking across the stage at Reidsville High School.

There were so many memories made throughout my high school years. From the highs to the lows, I am truly grateful for everything that has happened to me these past four years. I have grown as a person and will continue to do so as the next chapter in life will be the greatest challenge of all.

When I think of the memories made in high school, Fall 2016 stands out more than a food stain on a white t-shirt. All seniors were required to complete a senior graduation project on a topic that can be applied in real-world situations. I was blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside RockinghamNow Community Reporter, Joe Dexter, who helped mentor me through my project on NASCAR Marketing.

After spending a semester at RockinghamNow working on my senior project, I knew journalism was the right career for me to pursue. I will begin my life at UNC Charlotte in January 2018, which left Fall 2017 wide open for me to find something to do in the meantime. Sometimes, we leave lasting impressions on those who notice our true capabilities.

During the time of my senior project, I left some people at the office very impressed with my passion for motorsports and the willingness to learn the ropes of being a professional journalist. I am very excited to announce that I will be working as a freelancer for RockinghamNow in Fall 2017, primarily focusing on local high school sports.

“It’s great to have Kobe back in the fold here at RockinghamNow,” said Community Reporter, Joe Dexter.

“When he came in for his senior project last year, it was clear that he was hungry to start his journalism career. His determination and willingness to get it right will take him far and help him grow as he starts his career as a freelancer.

Working alongside Joe Dexter, who has been such an inspiration as my mentor throughout the entire process, will continue to provide more valuable information before I make the journey down I-85 to UNC Charlotte.

Some people may believe that freelancing is not the ideal career choice, but it is definitely a great place to start especially for a student straight out of high school, according to Dexter.

“Not only is it a foot in the door, but anybody that is willing to freelance is showcasing their willingness to step up to the plate when needed and get the tough assignments done,” said Dexter.

“That is a huge part of growing as a young journalist and building a name for themselves. Another major part in growth is getting repetition and freelance opportunities allow up and coming journalists to do so in a professional environment.

I will also have the opportunity to work alongside RockinghamNow Sports Editor, Jim Sands, who has been a vital part of my transition to becoming a freelancer. He will teach me the right ways to cover an event in a sports-minded environment, which will require taking high-quality photos, recording statistics. writing recaps of games, and much more.

According to Sands, being versatile in such a competitive industry is essential to having a career that will last for many years.

“Journalism is constantly changing, and if you want to survive and be successful, you have to adapt to the way people chose to consume their news,” said Sands.

“If you don’t learn how to master the new technology and continue to grow, then you could very well find yourself on the unemployment line.

During these next few months, I am anxious to learn from two established professionals such as Dexter and Sands as they will pass on their knowledge to a new generation. It will be crucial for me to absorb as much information as I possibly can and take full advantage of the unique opportunity that I have been given.

Sands considers it a privilege to teach a student fresh out of high school the most important roles in the daily life of a journalist, before the adventure in the heart of NASCAR community begins in just a few months.

“To work with a young man that is willing to put in the time and effort to learn what it is like to compete in such a challenging field, in my eyes, is a responsibility I don’t take lightly,” said Sands.

“Kobe cares about what he is doing and holds himself to a very high standard. That is part of what sets him apart from most people.


Twas The Night Before Le Mans

Photo: Travel Destinations 

By: Kobe Lambeth

1 ‘Twas the night before Le Mans, when all thro’ the paddock,

2 Not an engine was running, not even a Hybrid;

3 The cars sat on the grid in such a beautiful place,

4 In hopes that the green flag would wave and start the historic race;

5 The crews and drivers sound asleep in their beds,

6 As they dreamed of standing on the top step of the podium in their heads;

7 And the teams get ready and the fans prepare,

8 It is time to settle in for a 24 hour sprint race;

9 My alarm clock buzzed and I left my bed in a blur,

10 The world’s greatest race was about to begin at Circuit de la Sarthe.

11 Prototypes at the front and GT’s at the rear,

12 Gives any fan a reason to cheer;

13 The pre-race grid filled with joy,

14 This day is truly better than any childhood toy;

15 All the stars from the FIA WEC, ELMS, Asian LMS, and IMSA came to play,

16 Each individual hoping Le Mans will treat them to a memorable day;

17 Months of preparation and meetings to attend,

18 The teams and fans are anxious for the festivities to begin;

19 Early on a special morning in the gorgeous country of France,

20 All of the drivers beg for Le Mans to give them a chance.

21 The cars are on the grid as everyone is so chill,

22 Sportscar racing fans all over the world are so thrilled;

23 Everyone sits and waits patiently for the command,

24 Drivers in their cars and fans rise from their seats;

25 The command has been said so let’s go racing,

26 LMP1’s the fastest class in the land;

27 All of the factory teams have masterful plans,

28 Toyota and Porsche are set for a fierce battle;

29 Hold your belts tight as it time to rattle,

30 Don’t count out the little ByKolles car.

31 LMP2 a class full of new rules,

32 The winner of this class must make the best of their tools;

33 From Oreca, to Onroak, Dallara, and Riley,

34 All the constructors ready for battle on the world stage;

35 Strong Gibson motor leading the fight,

36 The racing throughout the class should be very tight;

37 GTE with divisions of professional and amateur,

38 All looking to become victorious in diverse pieces of machinery;

39 Aston Martin, Corvette, Ferrari, Ford, and Porsche make up the field,

40 That’s definitely a pretty good deal.

41 The cars have rolled off the grid as the parade lap is underway,

42 The field of 60 are prepared for the grueling challenge;

43 Down the frontstretch they go as the diverse cars fly under the Dunlop bridge,

44 On the way to Tertre Rouge, the danger is real;

45 Over 200 mph down the fast Mulsanne Straight with traffic everywhere,

46 Only braking at the chicanes keep us mentally sane;

47 Prototypes in both categories traveling at their fastest pace,

48 Don’t overdue it as it is a 24 hour race;

49 As they make their way into Indianapolis,

50 We think about the Brickyard, but this is a totally different animal.

51 Headed through Arnage at a high of speed,

52 Oh please, don’t tell me the Porsche Curves are next;

53 Cars roaring through the most treacherous part of the track,

54 How many pairs of underwear should’ve been packed;

55 Time to double up with a 60 car field,

56 Everyone at Circuit de la Sarthe can feel the tension build;

57 Approaching the Ford Chicane and nerves out the window,

58 Let’s get this show on the road for 24 hours of spectacular racing;

59 The green flag is waving and it is time to say goodbye,

60 Happy 24 Hours of Le Mans race day to all, and to all a good night.